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Who is Dr. Ian Smith?

Dr. Ian K. Smith is a physician, author, and a well-respected public figure who speaks his mind in the world of health, wellness, nutrition, and weight loss.

He is a bestselling author of “Shred,” “The 4 Day Diet,” and “The Fat Smash Diet” which have thousands of positive reviews. He regularly appears on television shows “The Doctors” and “The Rachael Ray Show,” among other shows. He also hosts a radio show entitled “Health Watch.”

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He is the founder of 50 Million Pound Challenge and Makeover Mile. These are two national health initiatives with the goal of guiding people towards weight loss and optimal wellness [1].

Shred: The Revolutionary Diet

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The Shred Concept

Unlike any other diet programs, Dr. Ian Smith claims that the shred plan is the one that will last forever without compromising your health. It will not only make you lose weight, it also optimizes your overall wellness.

Shred is a diet program that shredders will have to religiously follow for 6 whole weeks. According to the reviews, 93% of them lose weight every week.

The completed 6 weeks is equal to 1 cycle. For each cycle, the mean weight loss is 18-25 pounds, i.e. losing 4 inches and 2 sizes.

Repeat the cycle as desired. This is applicable long-term.

Shred Cycles

Six weeks is equal to one cycle. Each week contains a list of foods that the shredders will have to eat and the exercises that they will have to perform.

The shredder must follow every step of the program in order to get the best results. The steps should not be jumbled because the preceding activities for the week contribute to the improvement of the next until you finish the cycle.

Week 1: Prime

The Prime week introduces you into the program that you are about to undertake. It makes you appreciate that meal spacing, snacking techniques, and eating less calories are very important to reach your goal. The average weight loss for this week is 3.5 pounds.

Week 2: Challenge

The Challenge week dares you to do better than you’ve ever had before. It boosts your self-esteem and confidence that you can do whatever this program will ask you to do. It makes you believe in yourself, to do the things that you never thought you could do. It makes you commit to a healthy lifestyle that you will adapt for the rest of your life.

Week 3: Transformation

In Transformation week, you will notice a dramatic change in your before-and-after physical self. This is the toughest week. Knowing that you’ve been through the hardest week makes you believe that you will definitely get through the next three easier weeks. Losing a clothing size and looking at the transformation in the mirror, your dedication will intensify despite of the hard work!

Week 4: Ascend

The Ascend week is a week of relief and cooling down. It lets you gain the energy that you have lost on the last three strenuous weeks. This does not mean you will get sedentary. Because you still have to work in order to maintain what you have accomplished.

Week 5: Cleanse

The liver will do its optimal job in the Cleanse week. No matter how healthy you are, your body accumulates toxins that have to be detoxified by the liver and eliminated from the body. This week, the focus will be on foods that facilitate the release and activation of liver enzymes that will get rid of the toxins. Detox also improves your gastrointestinal health.

Week 6: Explode

For some, the Explode week puts a stop to this cycle. But for many, this week is the recharging week to start another cycle. Whichever you want to do is fine. But you have to apply everything that you have learned from this program and make a whole new lifestyle that will optimally benefit you for the rest of your life.

Diet Confusion

Most weight lifters are familiar to the theory of muscle confusion. It states that repetition of exercise type, sets, and weights will have a promising effect at first but eventually will have no or less effect on the muscles because they become used to your regimen. Repetition of exercise regimen will not stress your muscles enough to improve them.

Dr. Ian Smith associated this theory with diet. If you present a menu to a dieter that contains similar food ingredients and taste with each other, and then make them eat those over and over again, that dieter will fall out of the diet plan. He will die of boredom if he sticks to that dull diet plan. Additionally, the gastrointestinal system will get used to what you are always eating, to the point that there will be less activity in them because they keep on doing what they have always been doing.

So instead of eating and doing the same thing over and over again, try to be variant. It will challenge your body more and you will notice better results [2].

Super Shred: The Big Results Diet

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Picture 3: Super Shred: The Big Results Diet by Dr. Ian K. Smith
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The Super Shred Concept

Super shred is a diet plan that is designed to be followed on a short course that gives you immediate results, i.e. losing an average of 20 pounds in just 4 weeks! It is like the emergency version of “Shred: The Revolutionary Diet.”
But unlike the previous book, the cycle should not be repeated over and over again. If you plan to get yourself into this newer program, prepare yourself because shorter amount of time shredding means every single step in every week requires your undivided time, effort, and attention. It pushes you more than ever but not to the point that you will quit because once you see your progress, you will never want to discontinue the program.

Negative Energy Balance

The three main sources of energy are carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. The body uses them in that order meaning when you run out of carbohydrates, the next one to be burnt out is fats, and the last one is proteins.

Gaining, maintaining, and losing weight is based on this principle. When you consume foods and drinks more than you expend energy, you gain weight because excess glucose from carbohydrates will be stored in the adipocytes or fat cells. When the amount of consumption and expenditure is equal, you maintain your weight. When you consume less foods and drinks and work more, the body consumes the carbohydrates. It will need more energy source so it will burn your fats.

Super shred diet relies on the latter concept. Your diet will be monitored and you will have to exercise more. If you do this, the body will call for the fats as its energy source, thereby reducing it as you lose your weight and tone your body.

Calorie Disruption

Calorie disruption is associated with intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting is a practice wherein you have days for regular eating and days for fasting or cutting down calories.

For example, you ingest 2,500 calories for five days and cut it to 700 calories for the next two days. The latter is the fasting days. This was shown to be effective and there are additional benefits such as decreased blood pressure and improved levels of glucose and lipids.

But Dr. Ian Smith came up with a more effective plan. Daily calorie is monitored. In every week, there is a super shredder day wherein you will have less food intake compared to the other days of the week. This way, there will be an abrupt shift in the calories you consume. In return, steep development occurs in the process.

Sliding Nutrient Density

Nutrient density is the amount of nutrients present in the foods and drinks that you take in. This is an important concept because the diet plan involves a large amount of nutrients in small amount of calories.

Veterinarians should rejoice because the diet plan consists more of vegetables than meats and fishes and those who opt to stick to the greens have better chance of success in the program.

Super Shred Weeks

Four weeks of super shred will make you lose weight F.A.S.T.

Week 1: Foundation

The Foundation week introduces you into the program and lets you understand that meal pacing and exercise are extremely important in order to achieve successful results. The average weight loss during this week is 5 pounds.

Week 2: Accelerate

You will be pushed to do your best during the Accelerate week. Although the weight loss will be less than the first week, it provides a natural slow down for you to perform better in the next two weeks.

Week 3: Shape

Shape week is the equivalent of Transformation week in the first book of shred diet. This is the most difficult part of the program but this is also the time for you to be proud of yourself for achieving such great physical change. Because of the dramatic result, it will push you to strive harder and finish one more week to see how your body can transform into its best shape!

Week 4: Tenacious

The tenacious week is not the easiest and not the toughest either. It is the time for you to apply everything that you have learned for the past three weeks and finish what you have started. By the end of this week, you get the big result [3]!

“Shred: The Revolutionary Diet” and “Super Shred: The Big Results Diet” are available as ebooks or you can download the PDF version of these files.


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